Postcard: Elfe by Assia lingerie
Are you a lingerie designer? join us

Tailor Made service

Because we work closely with our designers, we offer you the oportunity to have the most fitted lingerie. Some designers can make tailor made service, that is to say you can leave us your measurements (proceeding as it explain below) and the designer will make your order just for you personally.
All designers available in tailor made service are notified on the feature product: "ask for your own size".

Why use our tailor made service? Because of our "savoir faire" for your own pleasure.

You have a standard size but you want your lingerie perfectly fitted to your own measurements, or you have an extra size and you never find your size in a traditionnal shop. Frenchlingerieshop and their designers can manufacture exactly what you need!

For each set (bra+panty) buy with tailor made service, you'll receive a coupon of 5 euros, to be deducted on your next order.

How to proceed?

Following the next chart, you'll have to indicate your measurements in your profile.
1- Take each measurement as followed in the "list of measurements".
2- Then click on "add to my profile" and fill up all fields (they'll appear in the order of the list bellow).


List :

  • -1- Overbust measurement : this measurement has to be taken without tighten.
  • -2- Underbust measurement : this measurement has to be taken tight, it represents the measurement of the band.
  • -3- Waist measurement.
  • -4- Hip measurement.
  • -5- Leg measurement : this measurement has to be taken from the groin to above the heel.