Didier Peiro

Refined Excellence... Seeking adventure, the young, self educated man roving the world fell in love with aqua-marine, emeralds, and saphires in Madagascar. In India, patria to jewel stones, he learned to work and assemble jewels. This artist who sees himself more as a modern kind of Gepetto craftsman searches for the absolute trait in his creations whether they are for the fashion shows or destined to accessories attire for a client. Elie Saab, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Jun Ashida; designer for the Empress of Japan, and most recently Eymeric Francois appreciate his refined taste, and his penchant for baroque and oriental inspiration. Didier asserts he is an elitist. His jewels are for discerning people, who are care about detail, beautiful work and who aim for perfection. A clientele that has chosen him and whom he has chosen; exceptional women.

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