Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton Intimates began with one ideal: to incorporate the decadent details of French vintage lingerie into a line that served the modern woman and her active lifestyle. Like many lingerie brands, we’re obsessed with fabrics like laces and silk. However, we’re also obsessed with technology and making lingerie that works for full-busted women in every stage of their lives.

Our first step in developing the line was to look at underwires. As cup sizes scale up, underwires tend to scale wider. For most women who wear larger cup sizes, these underwires tend to be too wide. We realised that what these women needed weren’t underwires that were wider, but underwires that were more narrow and allowed for deeper cups. Predictably, this meant that we couldn’t find any on the market that suited our needs. So we took the next logical step: we created our own. Every underwire in a Katherine Hamilton bra has been designed and fit tested exclusively by us on a full range of women who represent all sizes and shapes.

Our bras are made from the finest fabrics and laces and channel the romantic look of vintage French lingerie pieces. However, we also worked carefully to retool this look for the women of today: women who are on the go and ready to conquer the world. Our bras are investment pieces that can take you from the boardroom to a romantic night in. They are ready to be paired with everything from a fierce suit to a luxurious velvet gown and a chaise lounge.

We believe in designing bras, that with proper care, will last. From our custom designed underwires to our discriminating taste in fabrics, we’ve worked hard to design lingerie sets that will support you through far more than four or five washes. While standard bras are designed to only last until the next season’s lingerie is released, ours are designed to be timeless and of the highest quality.

Our collections are designed to turn you into the most elegant and sophisticated version of yourself. We’ve got you covered whether you’re getting married, want to revitalise your lingerie drawer or just love luxurious lingerie sets.

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