Liliana Casanova

Liliana Casanova has been a lingerie couture designer for ten years now. She gained fame and clients very rapidly all over the world, far beyond the fashion milieu where her reputation had been well-established long before.

Liliana Casanova became passionate about couture design when she was very young. She was barely 13 years old when she began expressing her natural-born talent, placed under the best auspices, and at the best school ever: she spent countless hours imagining and creating clothes in the big couture house of her mother, where the most elegant ladies of the country preferably dress. Later, she completed her fashion design studies and established herself in Paris, where splendid and demanding clients seemed to wait for her.

In 1999, she opened her own atelier in the Champs-Elysées area, avenue Matignon, no less. Her love for gorgeous outfits, and in particular of the 40's and 50's style, naturally led her to retro creations. This timeless elegance has always been envied, but is now accessible thanks to Liliana Casanova's knowing and mastering how to adapt it to the modern woman.

After having been a bespoke tailor for wealthy clients, amateurs of fancy clothes, Liliana Casanova chose to dedicate herself entirely to what seemed to be lacking, obviously, that is lingerie couture. She eventually created her own brand, under her own name. The Liliana Casanova house was born.

Her characteristic inspiration drawn from films noirs and from those of the golden age, her unique use of elaborate lace, and delicate incrustations into pure and luxurious silk, are today widely famous and searched for. Her cut on the bias and the quality of the silk that is used secure pieces that perfectly espouse, embellish, and value all women's curves. Every single model is made with the utmost care, and is the object of the closest attention, for they are made to order only. Entirely made in France, with French silk, and Calais lace, she embodies the most treasured and praised qualities, the marriage of elegance and sensuality, that made French fashion.

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