Nina and The Wolf

There is a bit of Nina in each one of us, and we are all a little bit of the Wolf.  The most amazing thing you can do is to be, every single morning, your unpredictable self and choose whether you feel more like the dreamy Nina or like the mysterious Wolf.”


A name that sounds like a fairy tale, to narrate the female beauty and complexity and all those facets so typical of a woman: romanticism, elegance and simplicity, but also seduction and, why not… the desire to hunt. Nina and The Wolf seem to be two very different and distant characters, but if you look closer they coexist in the same woman; because after all… Nina is The Wolf!


Our Classic collection is particularly designed to enhance this idea of duality within a woman: a Nina line with lighter colours, soft and romantic materials and sensual yet sophisticated lines, and a Wolf line, with deep cuts and very provocative and alluring lines, transparent and geometric fabrics, where black is the main colour.

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