Your body can become a true source of pleasure!

"During a conversation between friends, I was struck by the lack of couples imagination to spice up their love life. This observation made me want to help them liberate their imagination and create a brand that would be a source of ideas and inspiration. Becoming a Cupid contemporary, placing the pleasure as a part of in their daily well-being, rediscovering the taste of the other and a real complicity." Explicates Christian Palix founding president of YESforLOV cosmetic.

The YESforLOV cosmetic range is exclusively dedicated to pleasure, and we encourage you to discover sensations that you have never felt before. We put a great deal of research into every aspect of developping these cutting edge products, fromtheir specific texture to the highet quality standards and top-of-the-range packaging. We have created a new take on the art of lovemaking, especially for you (body care, moments of preparation and sophisticated of sensuality).


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