Assia Lingerie by A. Moireaud

Assia founded her brand in 2000 and she definitely brought in all her sensibility and temperament. The firsts collections of the designer were so successful that she was chosen in 2004 to be in charge of the Bill Blass fashion house in New York for its new range of lingerie.

In 2005, Assia is the first brand to introduce the “silver effect” lamé in corsetry with her new constellation model.

During the 2008 lingerie show in Paris, Assia is chosen by a Korean brand as the representative of French know-how.

The subtlety of her creations marks a revival of style in the lingerie world. Assia creates and manufacture her models in her own workshops.

In contrast to the noble materials she uses, her style can also be described as sophisticated and colourful. Every design has a unique style, which is very much appreciated by the modern women of 20 to 70 years old. The ASSIA brand is sold worldwide for more than 10 years now and every new customer is definitely conquered.

In April 2013, the brand opened its first own store in the 6th of  LYON.

'I want my collections to give reason to women who have a taste for beauty. This is the spirit of my brand; I like incitation that is almost provocative, I like purity worn on to near nudity. My embroideries come from the most famous Italian and French houses and they are the heart of my inspiration.
 Every single model that you will be choosing has been exclusively manufactured in my workshops in France. We do not make any compromises with quality. The know how of our corsetieres is widely recognised and appreciated for its precision and finish.
 The sets you will be wearing will be an expression of your taste for beauty and a reflection of your sense of refinement brought forth by my inspirations.

So be it...
 as the spirit of each of my collections.