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Choose with care what you buy

That why is it essential that you choose your lingerie and underwear with ‘Care’. 

Life is not black or white so your drawer should not be. Life is a rainbow; full of experiences, situations, opportunities, meetings, parties, appointments, social life, leisure, commitments...Your lingerie drawer should just be as flexible as your wardrobe is to support you in each situation.  And as a fan of Women I really think every woman should own different style pieces of lingerie in her lingerie drawer to enhance the beauty of her body:

-   strapless to match with your bustier top, 

-   black, black is always a go for it and an easy one to wear with your little black dress,



-   Colourful, you need colour in your day and in your life. Don’t make your life boring with everyday black or white






-   Padding, push-up, triangle, bustier, corset, body, briefs, Shorty, thong, Italian briefs...there is so many way to enhance your beautiful body and to match the shape of your out day wear.

-   Lace, silk, cotton, satin, stretch, technical fabrics, Guipure, brocade, organics fabrics, velvet lurex, Cashmere, tulle, liberty, lycra, jersey, many fabrics, so many feelings to make your day each time particular and different one from an other

Why lingerie should be so important for Women?

First thing you wear!


Morning time, you wake up; take your breakfast, shower and then dress up. The first thing you are going to wear is underwear and you might not be conscious but this can give you the colour of your day.


Ladies who doesn’t care about their underwear, because they don’t care so who cares, will choose basic underwears and actually will wear basic cloths too.

Probably causes and consequences....don’t you think so?

Some women choose their underwear according to how they will dress for the day. If they wear a tight trousers or skirt they will choose something invisible under the cloths.

But wait! Invisible doesn’t always means seamless, nude, and basic underwear. Actually why choosing to wear something very nice? To have a great feeling about yourself, to feel this energy when you look at you into the mirror and to spend your day with this confidence, right? Why killing this feeling and effect by choosing basic underwear? Do you think it is not important because nobody can see it? Actually it is significant for the most important person that you know : Yourself. This great feeling is for you: you feel good inside out. I can assure you that starting the day with this complete great feeling make the difference in your whole day.


Another case is when we didn’t think about what we are going to wear and we just pick up the first bra and panties that show their faces in the drawer : because ‘Who cares’.....

You can be sure you are not going to have a nice day. You look into the mirror during the day and then you realise that your panties cut your bottom, your bra doesn’t support enough your breast in this so nice little light silk top, or you wear a very trendy racerback top with a nude large straps seamless bra!!! Wrong  wrong  wrong.

When you have to show off you bra (because YES, show off straps or part of bra is allowed and even some time with the right top, it enhance the fabrics or shape of your top) make sure it is pretty, wanted and not happen like that because you didn’t choose properly your lingerie. Make sure it is adequate to create the ‘Oulala’ effect desire.

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Whatever you wear, you will feel confidente if its enhance your body and you Love your body with this Lingerie