Maud & Marjorie PARIS


Unique, charismatic, mythic, the  creations combine both a very qualitative French knowhow and an amazing feminine creativity.

Different models, impressed with a particular sensuality, soft and graphic in order that each and every woman could reveal herself, feel free and well.
 Laudation of the materials, perfectly controlled cuts and shapes, delicate alliance of fabrics and colours, lingerie becomes ornamental art metalwork, for jewel creations to wear without any moderation.

A very creative woman. Globetrotter and passionately fond of music, Marjorie Collard brings her creative visions to the brand, an almost magical power that makes the models definitely artistically particular

A sweet and charismatic woman with a passion for fashion since ever. She stands for the technical side and the love for perfection. Thanks to her different ‘collaborations’ with great designers, she brings her knowhow and her sense for aesthetics to the models.



Winter Collection 2015/16


Cette saison Hiver 15-16, nous avons créé cette collection en nous réappropriant

les codes et les us et coutumes de ce pays aux multiples facettes, le Japon.

Nous sommes depuis toujours fascinées par le perfectionnisme de cette culture

aux couleurs captivantes.

Ce pays est un mélange de tradition et de modernité, intriguant et fascinant ; un

peu à l’image du corps de la femme! finalement…

Tout au long de nos recherches, nous nous sommes enrichies de ses contrastes