Louise Ferdinand by Sandra Palmer

 Louise Ferdinand Lingerie is the brain child of Sandra Palmer who has a fresh outlook with innovative and creative designs for the market. 
The name Louise Ferdinand is a marrying of her mother’s name and father’s middle name. 
This company is dedicated to her dad who was taught tailoring as a trade as a young man in Jamaica and used this skill to make uniforms and dance outfits and other clothing for her and her siblings and gave me my love for design, who died in 1999 RSVP. And her mother who is still alive,who is her muse: Louise a very classy woman who has excellent style and elegance, • Its what she feels all women should be when wearing her lingerie. 

  Sandra's lingerie is designed also inspired by 1950’s glamour and the images of glamorous women of that period including Betty Page, Lana Turner and Sophia Loren and she wanted to create collections that incorporated the look of vintage with the feel of the modern. With this in mind at present her collections just includes bras and knickers; therefore bringing in the modern factor in the freeness of the silhouette.

She also wanted to create collections that could be worn by the larger cup sizes something she knows only too well about having an ample figure. Therefore she is offering bra cup sizes from 28-38 D-KK cup catering for women who have smaller to larger back sizes. 

Louise Ferdinand Lingerie is designed for a very classy, sophisticated and individualistic and a woman who has a love for glamour of the1950’s when women could celebrate their curves with the modern shapes associated with the 21st century.

Sandra's signature is incorporating the look of vintage with the modern silhouette.

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