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Консультант для мужчин

What can you offer to make her happy?

First lingerie gift you do not know what to offer… and you do not want to disappoint her:
If you know her bra size go to a beautiful 3 piece set of: bra and two pants (always two pants in two different models if possible, especially if you are unsure of what she uses to wear: pants / string or shorty) You can also choose a gift among articles of nights: baby doll, caraco / shorty…or among dessus dessous article.

You don’t know her size:
If you don’t know her bra size, I advise you to refer on items where the bonnet and waist is unimportant as night sets of top and bottom or baby dolls or a set of triangle and pants or of string or shorty, in addition with a nice necklace, or a nice Deli-case, the effect will be more surprising.

For lingerie styles:
If you have an opportunity to have a look at her lingerie drawer, you can quickly find their preferences by looking at two, three models she already owns!
If you don’t know what she's wearing or what she prefers choose mix fabric models: lace/silk or lace/cotton, and do not choose model made with unique fabric, all in lace or cotton : "The woman at its reasons that reason does not know '. Maybe she’s allergic to certain fabric or "some" styles! Do not assume its preferences by observing its garment because some women even more come to term with lingerie than garment. 

Regarding the color if you are not familiar with the person rather choose smart but in the white or black, if you do not know hers colors you could make odd. 

What kind of bra for what woman?

Small chest:
You can opt for a triangle bra.
A balconnet is flattering the small chest.
The padded cup be a major asset!

Averages chest:
You can allow you, all forms you will. Be careful, however, not to neglect the maintenance.

Generous chest:

Take the classic bra or large half cup bra: now comfort and maintenance are compatible with glamour and beautiful materials. Some models are specially designed for deep cup and broad back until 110D/105E

Knowing products:

Choosing a bra for women is a strategic choice:

For reasons of comfort and maintenance: 

If your wife chose a particular model it can be also for reasons of comfort and maintenance. Some bras are more suited to certain breasts. For generous breasts not need padding or push up but the maintenance should be effective. Women with generous breasts know that the comfort is important do not make savings on the bra because it’s shoulders which suffer and then to stay esthetical, breast needs to be maintained.

For medical reasons:
It is advisable to wear an unwired bra: women who come to have surgery of the chest should not wear underwired bra.

For esthetical reasons:
If she wears a transparent clothing: she will select an invisible bra (flesh color, or seamless, without lace, usually in microfiber) or she will select a very sophisticated bra, or with guipure embroidery, overcrowded, with pearls…, seem couture

What color for what woman?

Put your eyes in value!
Choose a different colour from that of your iris. For example: if you have blue eyes, choose warm colors like orange, chocolate or beige
If you have green eyes, prefer pink or brown,
If you have hazel eyes, indulge yourself!!!

Playing variations according to skin colour:
For milky skin, avoid beige or ivory and go instead on colors that contrast or a beautiful black.
The tanned skins can afford everything, so let yourself be tempted by the original models.