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Топ Bergamotto

Bergamotto Top by Nina and The wolf. Sold on frenchlingerieshop.com
Производитель: Nina and The Wolf

The beautiful lace is in it’s full glory in this long sleeved top. With a perfect slim fit but still very comfortable. Perfect
for this summer look to bring some. For the wolfs ones,  Wear it with a black bra for a chic style, with a flashy color bra for a funky style or for the Ninas ones with a singlet for a wise style. You can pair it with the high waist or brasilian briefs.

(Note; Please note that the top is cropped and leaves the belly out and completely see through.)

 By designers Nina and the wolf , made in Italy

Colors : Turquoise or Black

Fabrics : Italian Lace and Tulle