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7 Cardinal Sins of Love

The Lovebox is an invitation to pleasure and seduction. This set is the ideal gift for a sensual and erotic experience shared with your partner. sold on FrenchLingerieShop.com
Производитель: Your Love Box

Spice up your love life!

Your Lovebox has concocted the most sensuous remedy that will definitely put some spice back in the bedroom. This set is an invitation to pleasure and seduction for an erotic experience shared with your partner.

Specially conceived to respond to each one of the 7 cardinal sins of love, this box contains all the charming remedies to keep the flame of love burning strong.


Whether it is Greed, Sloth or Envy you are guilty of, rest assured you won’t be able to resist! Give in to an evening full of sensuous, erotic sins and enjoy a lustful night with Your Lovebox. The seventh heaven is just a hop, a skip and a jump away from the seven cardinal sins of love.


Thrilling new experiences await the more daring in the hidden compartment of this box.


The Lovebox contents:

  • The game of 7 cardinal sins of love

  • A pair of elegant handcuffs

  • A raspberry jam with hints of champagne

  • Burlesque nipple tassels

  • A soft whip

  • A premium vibrating ring

  • An intimacy kit