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Maud & Marjorie PARIS

In the beginning, there was Esmod where they met.

They both dreamed of creating their own universe. This passion for style, was born a great friendship that has lasted for 7 years and the mark "Maud & Marjorie." Their concept is part of a process of real differentiation and high value added: handmade embroidery, “couture”finish, use essentially lace of Calais, creating jewellery, selection of quality material and a great concern for comfort and fit. Their mark leaves room for spontaneity and customization for the client: She can mix products at the discretion of her mood and context. Each has chosen to keep her own world distinct but complementary: Marjorie has created a "high lingerie collection." She wanted to restore a supplement to the soul of lingerie through a romantic universe and sensual retro with a strong spirit which targets humorously to a woman sophisticated coquette and without taboos. Thanks to a range of “beach lingerie”, delicious, elegant, moves to the rhythm of the body, Maud addressed to an exotic and woman and sophisticated, in a precious and exclusive style. She reinvents the swimwear‘s codes to magnify the beach’s universe.

We propose you the standard size but this designer can make all the size you want. Please go to the size and measurement information to ask your size and give us your measurements.


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